7 Chic New Year’s Eve Outfits That Will Make a Lasting Impression

4 min readDec 29, 2022


December is hectic. Between finishing up your projects at work and scheduling those end-of-year dinner dates with friends, you may find yourself with little time to plan your party outfits for when the holiday festivities actually arrive. That’s quite alright, though, as TLPS is here to offer seasonal styling advice, starting with New Year’s Eve outfit ideas. Whether you have “nothing to wear” for the evening or simply need a bit of inspiration on what to pair a sparkly top with, our team has you covered.

The beauty of the looks ahead is that they are easy to put together and if you fall in love with one, TLPS have gathered all the key pieces you’ll need to assemble it. In other words: You needn’t scour the internet for the perfect matching sequin set or sultry, backless party gown — it’s all below. Many of the ensembles, too, will provide fresh ideas on how to dress for NYE that doesn’t feel like you’re trying to try hard. For example, if all the glitz and glam personally isn’t for you, that’s OK. You don’t need to uproot your style for one night: Maybe you might want to just wear one key sparkly item, like a blazer or bag, instead.

Continue on to find the NYE party attire that speaks to your soul, and prepare to be the best-dressed guest in the room.

Maybe you’re a fan of sequins but need a little less glimmer. Ring in a golden 2023 with a rose or maroon outfit and pair the look with a comfy blazer and sleek high heels. This outfit is perfect for chill-but-refined sweater-weather vibes this New Year’s.

It’s always good to have a just-in-case party outfit that you can throw on with ease. A one-and-done festive set will help you accomplish this

task and offer a way for you to stand out in a sea of sequin dresses. Plus, you can always wear it again with other pieces in your closet throughout the rest of the year.

Partygoers who don’t want to drown themselves in crystals and glitter can still find more subtle ways to add some sparkle. For example, you can style gloves that feature sequin leopard spots with a simple midi dress to give it more personality or contain the shimmer to just your purse. Likewise, a sequin blazer or pants (styled, respectively with jeans or a neutral knit) will easily work with your everyday pieces while adding a festive NYE touch.

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