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casual date night outfit
date night jumpsuit outfit
denim asos jumpsuit white leather jacket wedges and dune bag
denim date ight jumpsuit outfit
denim jumpsuit and white leather jacket
Michael Kors selma handbag dune
the perfect white leather jacket
walking in a denim jumpsuit

I fought the jumpsuit trend for a very long time. When they first came out, I rolled my eyes, I scoffed. All I could associate jumpsuits with were toddlers and I just couldn’t get past the idea that you basically have to get naked just to use the little girls room. How do you spell awkward again??

But, when you get past those two things, which I eventually did, it’s easy to see all the benefits of this comfy-as-pajamas-but-chic as a dress trend. First perk. These things are comfortable, like whoa. I pretty much never don’t travel in a romper now. Wait, does that make sense? I always wear a romper when I travel now. I tried it for the first time last year when we were jetting down to the Caribbean for a cruise and I spent the whole red-eye from Seattle to NYC to Puerto Rico just as comfy as if I wore PJs on the plane, but felt chic and fully dressed in my soft breezy black jumpsuit. The second we landed and got to the hotel, I parked my suitcase in the room, threw on my Panama hat, a little lipgloss and off we went. I didn’t even need to change.

Perk 2. They make you look taller. I said tall-er, not tall. I will never look tall no matter what I wear. But monochromatic head to toe does wonders for making just about anyone (even me, the 4’11" shorty) look (at least a little) taller, and it’s so simple to achieve it, because there’s only one piece. One and done.

Third Perk. It looks just as effortless as it is. I don’t know how a jumpsuit is able to accomplish this, but they always manage to look simultaneously effortless and put together. Maybe it’s because you have to mean it when you wear a jumpsuit. Nobody slips one of those on by accident. They’re simple and somehow luxe at the same time.

Perk 4. You can dress it up or dress it down. Wear a jumpsuit with flip-flops and you’ll look perfectly natural on the beach boardwalk, but dressing them up is just a matter of throwing on some wedges and a chic leather jacket. Or even adding a statement necklace, clutch and a pair of heels. This was my date night outfit from last week, but I wore the jumpsuit all day with my striped soludos and it was perfect for running around town and getting errands done.

Tip for you petites: because I know what a headache finding jumpsuit that fits us shorties can be. But ASOS is kind of the petite jumpsuits mecca. In fact, their sizing runs a touch small so you may even have to size up.

More gorgeous jumpsuits below.

white leather jacket dune handbag denim jumsuit

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