Five Favorite Spring Fashion Trends

We have seen some lovely spring-like weather recently here in Seattle! I am getting excited for warmer days ahead, and the opportunity to put away my wool winter layers in favor of lighter and brighter spring fabrics and textures. It feels like a perfect time to share my five favorite spring fashion trends this year with all of you! The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough for me at work, I have not found time to go out and shoot new spring outfit content, and I hope you will forgive me for the first couple of indoor photos. However, I really wanted to show you all these new Gucci loafers that I am very excited to style this spring. I saved up Nordstrom notes and gift cards to splurge on this preppy and timeless shoe, and after reading a number of reviews I sized down from my normal 38 to a 37.5. I’m glad I did, because the 37.5 fits perfectly. While all of the trends I am sharing with you today are relevant this spring, I believe that they all are lasting trends that can be worn for multiple years and my photos of past outfits prove that. Please continue reading for lots of photos and a series of widgets sharing my current favorite pieces that align with each of the five trends.

Spring Fashion Trend #1: Preppy

I could debate that preppy is not really a trend because it never really goes out of style, just evolves, but for the purpose of today’s post I will say it is my #1 favorite spring trend. Many of this year’s preppy style I’m seeing online and in stores leans more toward Y2K fashion, giving me flashbacks to the ’90s classic movie Clueless and its coordinated plaid skirt and blazer sets. I loved Clueless’ preppy fashion back then and still love it today. I am also loving tweed pieces, loafers, structured blazers and bags, and of course stripes. There are so many great ways to incorporate preppy pieces in your look, and I rounded up some of my current favorites in the widget below:

Spring Fashion Trend #2: Faux Leather

A well-fitting faux leather or leather jacket is a timeless piece, something that has been in style for many years and should continue to be in style for many more. I have a mixture of faux leather and real leather pieces in my closet, but am focusing on faux leather today because faux leather pieces are more affordable. I am aware of the negative environmental impact of faux leather, but am also learning that companies are starting to produce pieces out of recycled faux leather to reduce environmental impact, which is great news. Whether you choose to style a dress, jacket, pants, skirt, or something else, I think faux leather pieces are extremely versatile and wearable, and that you really cannot go wrong with your choice. You can view my picks for faux leather pieces in the widget below:

Spring Fashion Trend #3: Cutouts

I am seeing cutouts everywhere this spring, in a variety of shapes and styles, and I think they can be so flattering! My black cutout dress is from last year, and I am tempted to add more cutout pieces to my closet this spring. Whether you choose a piece with cutouts on the back, shoulder, stomach, chest, waist, or something else, there are so many options that you are sure to find one that suits your personal style. Check out my picks for cutout pieces in the widget below:

Spring Fashion Trend #4: Puffed Sleeves

You all already know how much I love puffed sleeves, so it should be no surprise that they made this list. I am thrilled that the puffed sleeve trend is still going strong, and sincerely hope it sticks around for at least a few more years before it fades. As you can see here, I already have a few puffed sleeve pieces in my closet that I have shown you over the last couple of years, but I definitely want more. It was hard to choose my favorites, but I narrowed them down in the widget below:

Spring Fashion Trend #5: Bold Colors

Last, but certainly not least, is bold colors. I would be remiss to not mention the bright and cheerful colors that were all over the spring runway shows, and what better way to usher in spring than with a colorful wardrobe? While my closet leans more toward neutrals, I have a few bold, colorful pieces such as the blue, pink, and yellow hues I am showing you in the outfits above. However, this year bright green is having a moment, and that is a color I do not have much of in my closet. Challenge accepted, and check out my picks for bold, colorful spring pieces in the widget below:

Which of these five spring trends is your favorite, and do you have other spring trends that you are looking forward to styling this season? Please be sure to leave me a comment below to let me know. Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a fabulous week!

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