How To Style A Blazer With Jeans

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It’s safe to say everyone owns a blazer. Typically, most women likely own a traditional classic black version that’s worn to a stuffy 9 to 5 office. But I promise, there’s more to the world of blazers than a business suit! While of course a workwear staple, I’m here to show how to style a blazer with jeans for a more casual, weekend look during the cooler seasons.

How To Style A Blazer With Jeans - Fall Fashion - Poor Little It Girl

Not to be dramatic, but taking your blazer out of the office and into your regular outerwear rotation will change your life! Sure you can always layer with your go-to denim jacket or green utility jacket, but there’s something about the structure of the blazer paired with the casual vibe of jeans that can’t be beaten. It’s one of my top looks for fall no doubt!

One of the must-have styling tips for the blazer/denim life has to be the scrunch of the sleeves. It keeps the look more laid back, plus it works best for my proportions given my petite frame. Showing a little arm somehow makes me appear taller since I’m wearing flat sneakers. Don’t ask me how it just does. To keep my scrunch in place, I layered with a thinner sweatshirt. I could still move in this outfit, but the thicker layer of a sweatshirt, as opposed to a T-shirt, helped the sleeve situation.

But you can go for the no-scrunch sleeve if you’re wearing heels and statement jewelry and dressing up your blazer/denim look a bit. Like I did here, remember this one? (Oh god, I almost forgot about that bad spray tan. LOL! Never again, what a freaking nightmare. Read that blog post and check out those photos for a good giggle.)

How To Style A Blazer With Jeans - Fall Fashion - Poor Little It Girl

I suggest finding a blazer that has a bit of a longer hemline. I like the look of the longer blazer paired with straight jeans. Recently, I got these Levi’s jeans and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. The other day, I also got stopped twice by women saying how much they loved them because they’re straight, not skinny. Which as we know is the hot denim trend right now!

So are you a fan of the blazer and jeans look for fall? I’ve linked to similar items so you can recreate this outfit below. If a sweatshirt isn’t your thing, I’d even try this with a thin sweater if that’s more your style. This cable knit version at J.Crew would be perfect. Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below!

STYLE YOUR OWN BLAZER WITH JEANS: Fall Fashion - Poor Little It Girl
Fall Fashion - Poor Little It Girl



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