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I gravitate towards anything floral printed any time of the year, so it was a no brainer that I wanted to share with you all how to wear floral prints in winter. While others are putting away their summer floral prints and bringing out the monotone colors or other prints, I am fully embracing different ways to tie in floral into my everyday wardrobe still. So if you are a part of the former group I mentioned, stop it right now! Take those florals back out and try to incorporate all of your floral prints in the colder months.

With the colder months, staying warm is definitely a main priority, so opt for long sleeves! There are so many floral dresses and shirts out there that can give you the warmth but also the print you like. With long sleeves, you can even put a thermal shirt underneath to give you extra warmth! Layering is the key to these outfits — even when wearing short sleeved items, you can layer a cardigan/sweater over it to tone down the print or for warmth.

You don’t have to wear all of your brightly colored florals. Wear floral prints in winter that are darker and easy to pair with winter accessories such as over-the-knee boots! Everyone thinks of darker colors in the winter, so just balance it out with some muted floral prints. With this, you can stick to the winter philosophy of wearing black haha.

For those of you who are thinking about floral dresses and/or skirts that you wore throughout spring/summer, reimagine those same pieces with tights. Tights are the quintessential representation of colder months…especially when they are thermal ones hehe. Regardless of how brightly colored your skirt/dress is, the tights will help balance it out.

If you are thinking in terms of cute floral tops and don’t know how you can wear those in the colder months, think dark colors! Pair a white floral with medium to dark wash jeans for a contrasted look. And lighter colors, in my opinion, look so much brighter in the winter months against the snow! Or tuck a cute floral printed top into a dark colored skirt…it will look so good!

Accessories can drastically change what you want to say with your outfit. And with floral prints in the colder months, you want to give off the impression that you know what you are doing with your prints. My favorite accessories are OTK boots, dark hats/beanies, and definitely closed-toe shoes…especially booties! Pair something floral with a monotone chunky scarf or a cute beanie and you got yourself an amazing look.

When you wear floral prints in winter doesn’t mean some dress or shirt. It can be in your actual accessories.Think scrunchies that are floral — my favorite scrunchie is actually navy with a floral pattern!

Floral printed items have always existed in my closet — I think I am always drawn to them because of the vast majority of ways I can wear them. With the right accessories, any floral item can change from a “soft” look to a “hard” one. I hope these tips and tricks helped you out and also inspired you to wear floral prints in winter!

A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!


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