My Favorite Things I Bought In Paris

5 min readMay 25, 2023


While in Paris for a month I have to admit that I did some damage. Lots of shopping. I felt like I left plenty of room in my suitcase to bring things home. But that definitely did not happen. Ended up having to use my packable duffel to fill it up with things. Not surprised at all that I was over the weight limit on all my bags. Per usual, I overpacked and shopped too much. I tried.

Photos by Stefanie Villers

One of the great things about shopping in Paris, and Europe in general, is that the European brands are much cheaper over there than here in the US. Plus, while I was visiting, the Euro to Dollar was about the same. I actually think the dollar was a tad stronger so I saved anywhere from 1–3% on my purchases. Sounds like nothing, but it adds up! Especially when you’re spending an entire month there. I was on a mission to buy a few things and had a short list in my mind. I knew I wanted a new perfume and hoped to wear it WHILE I was there so the smell would remind me of the city. Sadly if you want your VAT back, you should keep things unopened. Oops. And I knew I’d do a little damage at Sezane, Veja and Mango. A few of my favorite brands that are significantly more affordable in Europe. Here’s what I bought while in Paris.

What I Bought While In Paris

Sezane Bags

I’ve been eyeing the Sezane Farrow bag for what feels like years. I went for the cornflower blue croc-embossed for something different. Surprisingly, it goes with a lot in my closet!

I also was influenced by my friend Charmed by Camille to grab this bag. I love the Milo bag, but would have never grabbed the shearling one if she didn’t tell me it was cute. And now it’s become a go-to bag for fall.

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The one thing on my wish list to buy was the Baccarat Rouge perfume. Long story short, I smelled this on a friend easily over 5 years ago and LOVED it but couldn’t justify the price. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It was significantly cheaper in Paris and was the first thing I bought when I got there.

I also snagged the Sezane perfume. It’s only available in Europe and in their stores. It smells beautiful and love the bottle, plus, it’s fairly inexpensive at under $70.

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Veja & Sezane Shoes

I love my VEJA sneakers and how they look, comfort though, not so much. Still, I wear them a lot and just know to never wear them on big walking days. I’ve been wanting a new updated pair and I love the neutral colors in this pair that I bought that are also featured in today’s outfit post. I’m in love with the contrast!

My closet was in need of a good lug sole Chelsea boot and these Sezane ones came back in stock while I was in town. Such a classic boot that I’ve been wearing a ton since.

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How To Style An Oversized Quilted Jacket

Mango Coats

Mango is one of my FAVORITE brands so whenever I’m in Europe, I like to stop in. This is one of my go-to brands for coats and jackets. They’re not too expensive, but not cheaply made. I went home with two quilted jackets. This short oversized one similar to the popular Frankie Shop one. And also a long quilted coat that I’ve been loving for cold days.

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Why You Should Shop When You’re In Paris

Yes, I think you should do a little shopping while you’re in Paris. But I think you should go in with a bit of a plan. It’s easy to get sucked into all the amazing shopping and brands. Sure, buy things you love and know you’ll wear and use. But I think if you’re planning a trip to Paris (or anywhere in Europe) and you want to do some shopping, you should have a bit of a plan in mind. If this is a trip where you want to splurge on a designer bag, spend some time figuring out which styles you want to look at and what the budget is you want to spend. Or maybe you know you want to stop into your favorite affordable brands like Zara, Mango and so on. That’s great too! Leave space in your bag, or bring a packable duffel like this. And make sure you always ask for the VAT form when checking out. For more shopping and VAT tax tips, you can grab my guide to Paris here!

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