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Naughty and Nice Lingerie

New look, current state of mind and a sweet escape to the Mediterranean sea.

| OCTOBER 20, 2022

It’s sure has been a long time ago.. How is everyone doing?! First of all I want to say, thank you for all the kind messages I received after my previous post about my mom. It means so much to me that you guys support me through thick and thin, seriously, thank you so much.

As for my mothers situation, we’re still in the stage of waiting for answers. A couple of weeks ago, the doctors found cancer cells in her left breast, but now they have doubts about her right breast too — they took some samples last week and they’re currently examinating it. We’ll hear more about it later this week..

As for me, I just came back from a short trip to Barcelona. We planned it a while ago and since there’s not much going on here than waiting for the results, we decided not to cancel our trip and just have a few days off clearing our minds. Which did us good! I haven’t been on a ‘real’ holiday sinds a long time ago, so it felt so nice to take a break from all the chaos around us.

Here’s what I wore on the second day in Barcelona. Easy breezy attire, as the weather was really good there (25 degrees!) and it was simply to warm for the 3 pairs of jeans I brought with me. Of course I had to pay a visit to one of my favourite high street stores Mango, were I found this amazing pair of culottes which were sold out online. Yay!



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