The $22 Target Jeans I Won’t Shut Up About

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3 min readSep 16, 2022

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Before, during, and after my pregnancy, my body changed a lot. During IVF my abdomen was swollen and sore from all the daily shots. Pregnancy gave me one giant belly that I still miss. Post-baby, I’m embracing a curvier shape that’s new and I love so much. From my larger boobs, bigger but, and new pudge from my c-section — to me, it’s perfect because it made the most beautiful little man in the whole wide world.

But needless to say, none of my pants fit anymore, specifically my old high-waisted jeans. I know I need to give myself time and for my body to fully “settle in” to its new shape, but your girl needed pants to wear outside! A quick online shopping session and I picked up these $22 Target jeans that I now won’t shut up about. I wasn’t expecting to love jeans I bought online from Target as much as my beloved Madewell denim but alas, times have changed!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Madewell jeans so much! But none of them fit and I just can’t spend that much money on denim right now when I know my body is still changing. But $22, I can do that! I wear them at least twice a week (when I do actually have to get dressed and leave the house) without fail. I’ve shared them on my Instagram stories countless times and they were even worn in this blog post a couple of weeks back. Told y’all, I can’t’ quit these jeans!

More Target Jeans To Try

Have any of y’all tried jeans from Target that you love? This is my first go-around with their denim and clearly, I’m their number one fan! Let me know how you feel about Target jeans in the comments section. In the meantime, if I’ve sparked your interest in trying Target jeans, you can click some styles I’m loving in the little shopping widget below!

My Denim-Cutting Trick

It’s worth noting though, I did have to do my little denim cutting at home trick on these jeans. When I first got them and tried them on, they fit everywhere but the length was a little long. A couple of snip snips and they hit exactly where I want to on my petite frame. For reference I found the size 25 to fit me perfectly and they stretch out a little, but nothing terrible. So I’d say if you’re between sizes maybe go down.